Hello, I'm

Check my LinkedIn, or download my CV here.

Recently, I have graduated with a 2.1 in:
BSc (Hons) Computer Science.
I've worked a year in SONY as a Software Engineer Intern.
I was also selected as a Google Get Ahead Scholar.
Now, I'm a Techincal Graduate at Red Hat, Inc.

I'm skilled in:
Python, Java, Django, ReactJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and Git.

I've worked on several projects, such as an AI system to detect visual TV errors using a neural network, a system which displays localized news using a news API when the country's name is entered, and an award-winning offline browser game aimed to raise awareness of environmental issues (HackCambridge University 2020.)

Check out more projects on DevPost, or my GitHub.

Have any questions? E-mail me.
I'd love to work together on something great!

- Sehar